What to Expect on our Destin Snorkel Fireworks Cruise

This is a guest post we wanted to share with you written by a local blogger who recently tried our fireworks cruise and wrote about the experience. This excursion takes place every Thursday during the summer and a few other times throughout the year when they have fireworks on Destin Harbor. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions about this excursion or any others! 

Fireworks Cruise with Destin Snorkel

by Sarah Noonan at The Good Life Destin

Recently I had the opportunity to go on a Fireworks Cruise with Destin Snorkel. It was a great experience and an amazing up-close view of the fireworks.

The Destin Snorkel fireworks cruise departs from the docks of Harborwalk Village every Thursday night from Memorial Day through Labor Day. They offer other excursions during the day such as sunset and dolphin tours, snorkeling, snuba, and shelling.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks

I wrote this post to tell you about my experience as well as everything I think you need to know to prepare for and enjoy your fireworks cruise.


My tour started by checking in at the Destin Snorkel Hut which is located in a small alley of shops in the heart of Harborwalk Village.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks Cruise

The alley is located between Jackacudas restaurant and the main Harborwalk Marina building. If you walk down the stairs from the main parking lot, you will make a right in Harborwalk Village and it will be on your left across from the main events stage.

The Good Life Destin Photography

Once I got checked in, they gave me a ticket to hand to the captain and told me where to wait for the boat on the nearby docks close to Harry T’s Restaurant.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks

I waited for a few minutes with the other fireworks cruisers until Captain Andy came to greet us and help us board the boat. Each group had their picture taken by Rachel, his first mate, as they boarded. After the cruise, the photos were available for purchase for at the Destin Snorkel Hut.

About the Boat

Our group was cruising on the newest boat in the Destin Snorkel fleet– The Kokomo II. It holds 49 passengers with plenty of covered and uncovered seating as well as a bathroom on board.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks

There were 42 passengers on our cruise and it did not feel cramped or uncomfortable to me at all. There was plenty of space to comfortably move around and no one was fighting for the best spot as I was imagining.

Pre-Fireworks Cruise

The boat departed at 8:30pm and went east down the harbor for a brief tour before heading to the fireworks spot. Rachel offered everyone drinks as the boat departed. They have water and soda on board but you are allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages as long as there is no glass.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks

During the tour, Captain Andy gave us general information about the harbor and about some of the restaurants we passed such as Harbor Docks, Boshamps, and the Boathouse Oyster Bar.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks

At about 8:45 the boat turned around and headed west toward the Destin bridge passing Harborwalk Village on the right.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks

The fireworks are set off from a barge located in the water between Norriego Point and the west jetties beach area. Our boat stopped in that area along with several other boats. We waited about 5 minutes for fireworks to start. The fireworks go off at 9:00pm and last about 5-6 minutes.

The Good Life Destin Fireworks

We had a great view–directly facing them. When the fireworks ended we went back and docked on the harbor.

Additional Information:


*Adults: $20
*Children(4-12): $13
*Toddlers(3 and under): $1
**price includes tax


Anyone on a deck crew or taking people out on a water excursion in Destin works for tips so remember to bring some cash. At the end of the cruise, you can thank your captain and first mate by giving them a tip as you exit the boat.


Trying to park at Harborwalk Village at this time of the evening (when everyone is going there for dinner and fireworks) will probably take at least 30-60 minutes longer than you think it should. I’m not telling you this to deter you from the excursion, but just want you to plan realistically for it so you don’t miss the boat.

The best parking strategy is to arrive earlier in the day. Arriving before 5 or 6pm is the best way to get a parking spot. You can spend the extra time before your cruise watching the charter boats clean their fresh catches from the day, enjoying the sunset on the harbor, doing some shopping or grabbing dinner and drinks at one of the many nearby restaurants.

The Good Life Destin

I very much enjoyed the Fireworks cruise and highly recommend it if you are in Destin on a Thursday night this summer.

You can book your Fireworks cruise online here or by calling 850-269-2329